What You Didn't Know About LuLaRoe | Sarah Kane Photography

What You Didn't Know About LuLaRoe | Sarah Kane Photography

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Ok, admit it. Who else has gotten caught up in the LuLaRoe Legging frenzy and ended up with leggings they weren't really in love with? I don't think anyone can say that they hate their LuLaRoe leggings because they are hands down the most comfortable thing my body has ever experienced. They are smooth as butter.  Every time I slip into a pair of leggings I image this is what a caterpillar must experience inside it's cocoon.  So how could anyone not LOVE them?

Comfort wasn't my issue at all, what I didn't love was the design. My first experience shopping LuLaRoe was an online party. My friend added me to a group. After a bit of time I figured out how the whole shopping thing worked, but by the time I was actually read to shop every pattern I liked was already gone! I ended up settling for a pair that were ok because of all of the hype surrounding the leggings. Not only did I not love the patter, but the pictures online were not an accurate representation of what you were actually getting. I should have known better as a photographer that bad lighting and poor quality equipment can severely alter an image. The black patterned leggings I thought I was getting were actually blue and did not match the black Irma I chose to go with it.  What I also didn't know was the sizing is not at all equivalent to what you find in stores and not all shirts are made with the same material. As a result two Irma's of the same size may not fit the same. I was beyond disappointed that the outfit I bought to wear in the studio during a newborn session ended up becoming my most comfy pair of sleep pants (not a total wash). I could have returned them, but it just seemed like too much of a hassle. That was my first and last experience with LuLaRoe UNTIL a client, who is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I've ever met, became a consultant.

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Ashley clearly had a sense for fashion because her family is always coordinated for pictures (I would later learn most of her dresses were LuLaRoe). The real game changer though was, in addition to Ashley's online page, she has an in-home pop up boutique known as the Lula Room! What?!? A place I could actually go and try things on, see patterns and colors in real life! Call me old school, but when it comes to clothe shopping I like to see how they fit before I buy. I was so excited and scheduled an appointment to visit the Lula Room.

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I told my husband I'd be back in about an hour (yeah right). Three hours later I returned home with an entire summer wardrobe! What I didn't know about LuLaRoe was the clothing line is so much more then leggings (which was my previous perception). I tried on every style that Ashely had in multiple sizes so I would get the perfect fit. Ashley kept track of my sizes in each style as well as which styles I liked and didn't like (which weren't very many).

This little card is invaluable because, as Ashley openly shared with me, she may not always have prints I like, so if another consultant does I'll know what size to get! This was a real testament to Ashley's commitment in giving me the best experience and making sure that I found the perfect clothes whether I buy them from her or not!  I had so much fun in the LuLa Room. I was surprised how flattering the styles were. After having 2 babies I tend to stay away from anything that is formed fitting, but LuLaRoe is flattering on all body shapes and sizes! 

If you are in the Richmond area and would like to visit the Lula Room to make sure you LOVE what you are buying then I highly recommend you visit Ashley! She doesn't pressure you at all, she's just there to help you find the perfect fit. You can even host a party in the Lula Room and earn FREE clothes while sipping whine and having a grand old time with your girl friends! 

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