The Fab Four {1 year} | Armour House & Gardens at Meadowview Park | Sarah Kane Photography

quadruplets | Sarah kane photography

For the past year I have had the privilege of photographing not one, not two, but four babies! I first met the Smith family when April was about 24 weeks pregnant with quadruplets. I knew a set of triplets once as a teenager, but this was my first time meeting quads and I got to meet them before they were even born! Not only that, but I got to meet and get to know the best big brother ever and most amazing parents of quads too! Mason at such a young age as no idea how unique his family truly is. Watching April & Shawn Thomas swoop up two babies at once as newborns made it clear that they were just simply meant for this life. It's hard enough for me to pick up one newborn let alone two at the same time!

The Smith family opened their home and family to me and I've enjoyed every minute of time spent with them. April & Shawn Thomas make quite the team. The love they share between them in the mist of chaos (because with four babies and a toddler you can only imagine) is so inspiring to witness and a year later it's clear their love and bond has only grown stronger. What is also amazing is the love and support the Smith's have from friends and their church.

I'm going to miss my time with the Smith family. Shawn Thomas has accepted the call as Head of Staff of First Presbyterian Church in Smyrna, Tennessee and they will be moving in July. I am so thankful to have met this family and so happy for them and the new friends they will meet as they begin this new adventure!