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DIY Sugar Scrubs

DIY Sugar Exfoliating Scrubs for Dry Lips 

Up until a few days ago we've had the most amazing winter here in RVA. In fact we really didn't have a winter at all. It seems we went from 50 degree weather to a winter storm shutting down the greater Richmond area for who knows how long! The cold brought the snow which was very beautiful (for about two days). I was fortunate to get out and photograph some very unique and special maternity sessions! My kids had a blast too with sledding, snow angels and secret tunnels! 

Although the snow can be beautiful and fun for families it does come with a price.  The low temperatures can do a number on your fragile skin especially your lips! You'd think you'd be safe inside, but guess again. Our furnaces are working over time to keep us warm, but the added heat is a major contributor to the lack of humidity in your home and can cause painfully dry skin. 

Thanks to the very talented hair & makeup artists (and dear friend) Emily Hudspeth I now know how to make an all natural (and delicious) sugar exfoliating scrub for my dry cracking lips! During Emily's fall mini-session she brought me some homemade scrubs as a gift. They are all of my favorite things rolled up into one little package. DIY, all natural and made with love. Emily's son Silas helped by added his favorite stickers to each jar. I quickly became obsessed with the scrubs and the best part is when I run out I can make my own with ingredients I already have in my pantry! 



  1. 1 cup brown sugar
  2. 1 tsp olive oil 


Add the olive oil to the brown sugar until it begins to stick together and you're done! Once you have your sugar scrub vigorously rub it on your lips to remove all of the dead flaky skin. Next, take a soft towel (like a microfiber) and remove the scrub. Now coat your lips generously with a lubricant. Emily suggests Aquiphor. You can also use Vaseline. If you are looking for an all natural alternative try unrefined coconut oil or Waxelene

DIY Lip Sugar Scrubs

Check out Emily's video!