Lifestyle Family Portraits at Sunday Park in Brandermill | Midlothian VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Family Portraits at Sunday Park | Sarah Kane Photography

What a huge convenience living so close to the very beautiful Brandermill's Sunday Park in Midlothian VA. Another amazing spot for family portraits! The best time to visit Sunday park is about an hour before sunset.  The sun setting over the reservoir is truly breathtaking!  I am so thankful to live in this community.  Every time I drive home I feel like I'm escaping into a resort far from the rest of the world!

The sunset was not a disappointment for Charles's birthday photo shoot and  the sky was on fire as were Charles and his little brother Edward! Are they not the most adorable duo ever? Their mom Jess has such a unique style and fashion sense. Charles and Edward were definitely dressed to impress. I loved everything about their outfits!  A great touch with the red and yellow streaming scarves that flowed as they ran along the shore line,  just perfect!