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Lifestyle Family Portraits at The Carillon at Byrd Park Richmond VA

Another beautiful day in the RVA and what better way to spend my morning than a lifestyle family portrait session with a wonderful family? Meet the Newsome Family. I had so much fun getting to know this family and photographing their adorable children Landon and Mackenzie. They both warmed up to me pretty quickly.  Thanks to twelve years of teachingmiddle school I've learned a thing or two about connecting with kids and it comes in handy while photographing them! 

When I first met Heather at the beginning of her session  I asked how she foundme andit turns out that I used to teach with her cousin! When I was first starting out  about 4 years ago I photographed Heather's cousin Melanie's maternity pictures and Heather sawthem andfound me on facebook. Once she told me I immediately saw the resemblance both physically and in their very sweet and gentle personalities.  I knew it was going to be a fabulous session.

We met at The Carillon at Byrd Park. I was thrilled to see that the park hadnot been mowed yet and was covered in yellow buttercups. Where some may see weeds I see potentially for a beautiful photograph!  Witheven a small patch of butter cups, dandelions or other flowery weeds I can  create the illusion of a beautiful field of wild flowers!

Everything went so well during our session and when we came to the end I asked Heather if there was anything she'd like me to capture that I hadn't already. She asked for a couple pictures of her for her business. Naturally I asked what her business was and  she replied, much to my surprise, photography.  (Gulp) During our session  there were no signs that Heather was a photographer. She let me run the show and very humbly admitted her experience only when I asked.  We then spent the last 15 minutes or so talking shop.  

One of the greatest compliments is when I amhired by another photographer, especially one as talented as Heather. Of course I looked her up as soon as I got home and was very thankful she didn't reveal her true identity until the end of our session. The pressure would have definitely been on.